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It is in our summer work that our talents stand out. This kind of activity requires hours of preparation, a bottomless box of tools and kilos and kilos of creativity. Reflecting the care that goes into developing the programme, each year our camps are organised around a theme, such as Flora and Fauna and the Time Machine.


Children from four to 14 activate their English in a pleasant environment. For safety's sake, we have always relied on the professional input of professionals from Infant Education and  leisure activities.  Outside experts also participate.  For the technology camp in 2016, for instance, we welcomed Cristina Botana from Lestonnac and Jetro de Chateu, a LEGO whiz from Cantabria. 

We have held our own camps, but mainly other entities count on us to carry out their activities.

  • La Universidad de Coruña, campus de Ferrol (Every summer since 2009, including the official technology and science camp, Think Out of the Box, in 2016)

  • Club de Oficiales, el Montón ( 2013 and 2014 Summer camps)

  • Motus Tiempo Libre 

  • Concello de Neda and Concello de Valdoviño (French and English Interactive storytelling at the library, 2006)

  • Summer activities in our own academy (Since 2005)

Your summer with YOU FIRST.


Again, there is no clip-art and photo bank snaps. There are only real pictures that offer a glimpse of what our summer camps involve.


Yoga, rounders, fencingarts and crafts, music, dance, science, traditional games, LEGO, science experiments,  cooking and theatreWhere’s the English? Everywhere, except on a boring, old worksheet. 


Imitation is the best form of flattery.

Since 2006, we have elaborated an innovative programme of languages through fun activities as an appealing alternative to the classic combo of traditional classes topped off with workshops. We knew our modest experiences had an impact when we noticed more and more centres were drawing inspiration from our model. 

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"Earth and Sky"
Tui · Ages 10-13 



"The Time Machine"
Ferrol · Ages 4-12
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