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Teaching is our passion!

Matching the student with the right school means taking many factors into account. We want prospective clients to look carefully at what kind of school we are and what we can offer. If, however, we feel that another centre would be more suited to your needs, we will offer impartial advice. We maintain friendly professional relationship with other centres and often cross-refer students. 

We’re the sum total of a team that works well together -with all its training and dedication-, a pleasant environment and limitless banks of materials. These are all the components that make it possible to meets our students’ needs better. The starting point, therefore, is our students themselves: for this reason, we are called You First.

You won’t see stock photos or clipart here. Our webpage is as original as we are. Since this school started in 2006, our goal has been to balance what has been tried and tested with true innovation. And while the school may be relatively new on the scene, behind it is a team with decades of professional experience.

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