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"Nobody's perfect- but a good team comes close." 

Making Waves, M. Davies e T. Catling


Who can you expect to find in our centre?

The first person you come across is Marta or Daría, who run the Administration.  Marta and Daría looks after the parents, children and teachers with care and unparalleled professionalism. 

Other names have to be mentioned, like  Paul, Belén, Puri,  Moira, Juana, Zeltia, Alex, Will,  and Daría from French. These are the teachers, who stand out for their  creativity, effort and dedication. They are also responsible for making this project successful.


At You First, we are native and non-native speakers,   each with a special role to ensure we meet the needs of our clients.

We are firmly established  in Ferrolterra and bring great stability to You First

We have years of experience as teachers, yet we still love our work. Is that the secret of our success?

Proud to work alongside such a team, Ana, our Director, makes sure each team member is matched with the work that best suits him or her.

She has been in the classroom since 1985  (see her curriculum) and involved in techer training for over two decades, but still does what she does with passion.  This enthusiasm is shared with her team.   On the one hand, we at You First perfect what we have been doing ove the years. On the other, we innovate on a regular basis.  

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