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“One-offs”: a little help when you need it

External exams

For years we have helped people with their curriculums, cover letters and the interviews.  This is where you can really appreciate the wide-reaching and long-term experience of the Director compounded by the group effort of her team.  Ana has been working in vocational education and giving careers and educational advice since the 1980´s and it shows.  Clients have mentioned that they have gone to interviews not only with greater confidence and command in English; they felt they had prepared the contents of the interview in depth and put their best face forward.

Another area in which we have ample experience is in coaching academics and professionals who have to give presentations.  Whatever the specialist area- from polymers to wind energy to education- we have worked alongside our clients to make sure they are ready to face a challenge.  Having done translations and text revisions for over twelve years also gives us the knowledge we need to do the work. 

At the same time we have helped many people in the community by translating or explaining their pension documents from abroad or special documents for adoption. 

We consider this an opportunity to give back to the community who supports us. 

Because we are not tied to one entity, we prepare both Cambridge (PET, First and Advanced) and Trinity oral exams.  We work as a team to give our students an edge, covering different aspects of the syllabus in a variety of ways to make sure everyone is well informed and prepared.  We have also helped older students with the Official School of Languages and other exams like IELTS, but we never make a commitment to someone for exam preparation if we are not confident ourselves. And the team always walks the extra mile to help you out;  our results confirm this.  

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