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The Wow Factor

Beyond the classroom

Specialist & Marketing


Modern thinkers like Gardner say we

all have to think out of the box. Don’t expect us to arrive with a text book or a tedious, one-size-fits-all computer program. We will do whatever it takes to make your classes stimulating, effective and, most of all, relevant.

You and the needs of your company form the basis of our program for you.

For that reason, with our linguistic training and broad range of experience, we can provide language support that goes beyond the classroom. What does this mean? We are there to revise and even draft texts and correspondence, help you build your specialist vocabulary and work alongside you to prepare presentations and conferences. 

Fashion, shipbuilding, hairdressing, engineering, transport and food sectors, among others: these are just some of the areas we have worked in. It’s a large team with specialist skills and specific experience


It’s not just about knowing a language or two. We can inform you about other cultures so that you can better promote your products in international markets. That’s why we have even helped companies develop their marketing

And for this we can count on the help of our collective. One business alone cannot meet everyone’s needs, but a collective comes that much closer. We are not part of a chain, but we are part of a collective of likeminded school owners and freelancers across Galicia.  We have a strong sense of vocation and adhere to a code of ethics in our teaching, working conditions and accounting.


The reason we collaborate is to be able to offer a broader range of quality services and to find solutions to common concerns.  

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