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Within our normal program, we prepare our pupils for the Trinity GESE exam, which is orally based.  There may be exceptions, but we normally we start Trinity from the 4th of Primary onwards.  Doing it earlier may not always be sensible in terms of good teaching practice. We want the child to speak naturally and not memorise.

Our vision at You First is long term, with real learning as the objective. We therefore recommend the following path to reach B2 before higher education or further training.  Note: before a student starts higher education, he or she should check which qualification is required at a specific university. 


  • 4th= Trinity 1

  • 5th= Trinity 2

  • 6th= Trinity 3

  • ESO, first cycle = Trinity 4, 5 or 6

  • ESO second cycle = B1 Cambridge or Oxford

  • Bach = B2  (Cambridge or Oxford) and, in some cases, C1 Cambridge


Certain steps may be skipped.  And, of course, other factors come into play, such as constancy, dedication and individual effort. 

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