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Since 1999 we have been involved in translating and revising texts; our most important clients are still using our services to this day. 

Academic texts are our strong point, from Industrial and Naval Engineering to Labour Law .  However, we have handled educational and cultural texts, as well as those from the food industry. 

We work closely with qualified experts in the field because teamwork and peer revision lead to proven results.  Over the years, we found that clients need more than just translation.  The  language support we provide means we help with all aspects of communication, from producing PowerPoints to marketing one's company effectively.

Our range of languages includes English (both North American and British varieties), French, Polish, Dutch, German, Galician and Castillian or Spanish). 

Over the years we have helped restaurants translate their menus  (Campa da Braña, Racó de Andrea, among others) and met the challenge of translating tourism and food industry texts  (Colours of Spain, Salsas JR, As Pimenteiras, Productos de Aldea).


Gastronomy is our passion. It's more than just translating a text: we help companies understand the cultural background of their prospective clients abroad so that their products are more attractive and can compete in new markets. 

Here is what a client said about the work done by You First's Director on LinkedIn 

"Anita is excellent reviewing scientific documents written in English by non-native persons, and performing Spanish-English translations for scientific publications. Of course, she is also excellent as English teacher. She is diligent, hard-working and a very competent professional. She is also a pleasant person, maintaining excellent relationships with companions and clients."

- Dr. Alfredo del Caño, UDC

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